Minit-Tune and Brake Auto Centres, Vancouver

In the late 1970's, Roy Shand and Sam Amlani foresaw the void in the automotive aftermarket as neighbourhood gas stations with service bays were being replaced by self-service gas bars. This transition offered qualified mechanics and entrepreneurs an opportunity in the marketplace to offer convenient, dependable, service-oriented maintenance outlets. The gap in the marketplace was further assisted by rising gasoline costs and the appearance of more cars per capita than ever before.

Specialty automotive shops began appearing in the marketplace. Familiar names such as AAMCO®, Speedy and Midas® entered the market with heavy emphasis on service and efficiency. The rising costs of both purchasing and maintaining vehicles encouraged a new effort to prolong the life of the family automobile in a reliable, economic fashion.

Minit-Tune & Brake Auto Centres defined a market for qualified technicians to service vehicles offering the consumer a "while you wait, work or shop" service. Benefits include using only name-brand parts, fixed advertised prices posted in the waiting room and a 15,000 km or twelve month guarantee.

Maintenance services offered by Minit-Tune & Brake Auto Centres include routine work such as tune-ups, oil changes and brake repairs, as well as specialty repair and maintenance such as mufflers, shocks, cooling systems, electrical and fuel systems, carburetors, front-end and minor engine repairs, on domestic and imported cars and light trucks.

We’ve grown our business exponentially over the last 37 years, and now boast maintenance and repair centres in 16 locations across Vancouver, BC and Alberta. Visit one of these fully-equipped locations today for all your car care needs!

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