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5 Warning Signs of Faulty Wheel Bearings

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Wheel bearings connect your car’s wheels to axles. They’re steel rings with small, lubricated steel balls inside them that allow the wheels to spin at high speeds with minimal friction. Although rare, faulty bearings can cause an entire wheel to fall off your car while you’re driving. Learning when your wheel bearings need to be…

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6 Signs You Need To Replace Your Power Steering Pump

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A power steering pump is an integral piece of your car’s steering and suspension system.  It sends fluid to your car’s steering components to help you quickly and easily steer. Identifying when your pump is having trouble can prevent costly repairs and dangerous driving situations. Here are six signs of a worn-out power steering pump.…

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9 Steps to Replace a Flat Tire

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Many drivers will need to deal with a flat tire at some point in their lifetime. It may seem daunting, but changing a flat tire is a relatively simple process. Follow these nine steps to get moving again quickly. 1. Pull over If you suspect you have a flat tire, slow down and find an…

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