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A Well-Tuned Engine Delivers Maximum Performance

Keeping your car’s engine tuned is not only recommended by the manufacturer, but it can lower your risk for major engine failures in the future. Tuning your engine requires a variety of tasks to be done; from changing the oil on schedule to replacing air filters, etc. All of these tasks can be completed by an auto repair professional in Salmon Arm.

Does Your Engine Need a Tune Up?

Your car will give you warning signs that it is time to service the engine. By the time these signs show up, you may be well past a simple maintenance appointment and may need repairs too. Some common warning signs include:

  • Power Loss – Your engine’s performance is affected by a few things including fluids, spark plugs and filters. When these are not maintained, you could burn out your engine, forcing it to lose power.
  • Gas Mileage Drops – A drop in gas mileage is a sign that your vehicle is not performing as it should. This often occurs when your vehicle has to work harder than necessary, such as not having enough lubrication on the engine parts. The worst time of the year to have this type of performance issue is in the winter, because it takes your car longer to reach the right temperature for fuel efficiency.
  • Engine Stalls – If your engine frequently stalls, it may be time to take your vehicle in for auto repair in Salmon Arm.
  • Odours – If you notice an unusual odour from your exhaust, especially while idling, it may be an indication of your vehicle not burning fuel efficiently due to worn spark plugs, failure of oxygen sensors in your vehicle or failure of other fuel/air monitoring sensors. A vehicle running “rich” not only results in an unusual odour, but also poor fuel consumption and reduced catalytic converter life.
  • Check Engine Light – A “check engine” light could turn on for many reasons, from faulty oxygen sensors to a loose gas cap. If the light goes on, however, you should not ignore it. Instead, take it in for a timely check up and repair.

The good news is that you can restore your car’s peak performance just by taking it in for maintenance regular tune ups. Not only will it decrease the level of emissions your vehicle puts into the environment, but it will help you save on costly auto repairs in the future and improve your gas mileage.

Minit-Tune & Brake Auto Centres can help you reach maximum performance. Bring your vehicle in for auto repairs in Salmon Arm and we can help tune up your vehicle. Even if you have missed scheduled maintenance in the past, a tune up can improve your vehicle’s performance and increase its lifespan. Book your appointment today for an engine tune up at one of our locations.


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