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Battery maintenance: 6 tips for summer

Hand holding a car battery to take it out of the car for maintenance

The summer heat is tough on your car battery. Car batteries contain water, and extreme heat causes this water to evaporate, accelerating corrosion and damage. In fact, if you live in a hot climate, your battery’s lifespan can be as much as 25 per cent shorter than in milder regions. Here are six tips for…

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Everything You Need To Know About Engine Block Heaters

An engine block heater can help ensure your car will start on even the coldest Canadian winter day. Freezing temperatures can damage your car’s engine, and a block heater will prolong the life of your vehicle if you live in a cold climate. Here’s everything you need to know about this device. What an engine…

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6 Signs That Your Alternator Is Failing

The alternator is a crucial part of your car’s electrical system. It powers most of the vehicle’s electrical components when the engine is running, including the headlights, windshield wipers, dashboard instruments, power steering and radio. The alternator is also what keeps the battery charged so that your car turns on whenever you need it. If…

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What Can Cause A Vehicle to Fail an Out-Of-Province Inspection?

Reviewing a car inspection checklist with owner

When you purchase a vehicle outside of British Columbia and bring it into the province, or move to British Columbia from another province, it may have to undergo an out-of-province inspection. It’s important to understand in advance that these inspections are pretty strict, and have to be in compliance with Commercial Vehicle Inspection Standards. In…

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5 Dashboard Warning Lights Every Driver Should Recognize

Car interior with dashboard warning lights

Do you know what the different lights on your dashboard mean? It’s a good idea to be familiar with the most important ones so you know what to do if they come on. Here are five key dashboard warning lights and their meanings.   Check engine warning light This yellow or orange engine-shaped icon indicates…

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Fall Season Tune Up Ideas

Fall is the perfect time to tune up your car. The end of summer means that it’s back to the grind, which means you need your car to be in top condition. Additionally, it’s good to ensure that everything in your vehicle is running smoothly before winter arrives and brings tricky driving conditions. Here are…

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Are Vehicle Safety Features Making You a Complacent Driver?

Isn’t it both exciting and intriguing that technological advancements are making our vehicles increasingly intelligent?  Electric cars are already here; and the days of driverless vehicles are not too far behind. In the meanwhile, most auto brands will continue to launch newer models with creative solutions to keep you safe on the road. While the…

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Tell-Tale Signs that Your Vehicle Battery May Be Dying

Issues under the hood of your car aren’t always easy to detect, especially if you don’t have a lot of knowledge about how vehicles run. The experts at Minit-Tune & Brake Auto Centres can provide guidance, advice and a wide variety of vehicle services to ensure your vehicle is running right. Let the professional mechanics…

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