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How to inspect the belts and hoses on your car

  Belts and hoses play an essential role in your car’s ability to function safely and efficiently. If these components fail, you may find yourself contending with an overheated engine, loss of power steering or an electrical charging system failure. These are all issues best avoided, so make sure to have your belts and hoses…

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5 tips for choosing an auto repair shop

  You depend on your vehicle to safely transport you and your loved ones, so you don’t want to rely on just anyone to handle its repairs and general upkeep. There’s a lot to consider when searching for an auto repair shop but, if you put in the effort, you’ll thank yourself later. Here are…

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Car Maintenance Myths

MinitTune MaintenanceMyths

Are you throwing away hard-earned dollars on car maintenance you don’t need? There are many myths about car maintenance that people still believe. Knowing the truth can help you make better decisions about how to properly care for your vehicle. Here are four common car maintenance myths. 1. You must change the oil every 5,000…

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What To Do if Your Car Overheats

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A car that gets too hot is dangerous and can cause serious damage to your vehicle. Unfortunately, car engines can overheat for many reasons A cooling system leak, a seized water pump, failed thermostat, not enough coolant and other issues can all result in your vehicle getting too hot. However, there are steps you can…

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Spring Car Maintenance Checklist

Minit Tune SpringChecklist Final Approved

Get Your Car Ready for Spring With Our Maintenance Checklist Canadian winters can be tough on your vehicle. Freezing weather conditions, ice and road salt are just a few of the things that can damage your car. Consequently, spring is a great time to address the wear and tear caused by winter driving. Here are…

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