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Minit-Tune & Brake Mechanic - Air Filter

Proper fluid levels and clean filters are vital. In addition to the grit, dirt and other foreign matter which enter the engine and transmission from outside air and other sources, your car also creates its own contaminants through condensation, chemical reactions and wear. Some components would self-destruct if they were not protected by filters. Plugged filters can cause severe internal pressure changes, leading to oil leaks, loss of oil pressure and, ultimately, engine failure.

  • CRANKCASE VENT FILTER – prevents dirt from entering crankcase.
  • AIR FILTER – keeps abrasive dust, dirt, bugs and foreign matter out of the carburetor and intake.
  • ENGINE OIL FILTER – traps metal filings and sludge, allowing only filtered oil to circulate through the engine.
  • TRANSMISSION FILTER – collects dirt and metal filings, protecting finely machined parts.
  • FUEL FILTER – traps rust, sediment, dirt and other particles which may enter carburetor and clog tiny jets.
  • VAPOR CANISTER – collects gasoline vapors from the fuel system and returns them to the carburetor.

Most car owners in Canada qualify as “Severe Service” drivers if:

  • Your average trip is 15 kilometers or less
  • You do a lot of driving in temperature extremes
  • You do a lot of stop-and-go driving

This type of operation demands more frequent maintenance intervals on some components. Check your owner’s manual for car manufacturer’s recommendations or follow service intervals shown here. Regular maintenance should include changing all filters at least once a year.