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Save money and time spent on repairs by following our guide outlining quick and easy preventative maintenance tasks.Under the Hood

Monthly Car Maintenance

  • Check the brake fluid. Start by wiping the dirt from the reservoir lid on the brake master cylinder. Remove the retainer clip and take off the lid. Make sure to check for the approved type of fluid and check for leaks as well.
  • Inspect engine belts. Glazed, frayed or worn belts should be replaced. If there is more than half an inch of slack between pulleys, have the belts tightened. For safety, we recommend replacing all belts and hoses at least every four years.
  • Check the air filter. When you notice it is getting too dirty, go ahead and replace it.
  • Monitor power steering fluid levels. Use the reservoir dipstick to check the level and add more if necessary.

Weekly Car Maintenance

  • Check the coolant/anti-freeze. Newer cars should have see-through level markings on the reservoirs. If more coolant is needed, mix a 50/50 solution of water and anti-freeze and add as needed. NOTE: if the engine is hot do not remove the pressure cap.
  • Every other time you fill your car with gas, check the oil level. Start by removing the dipstick and wiping it clean. The level of oil on the cleaned dipstick will let you know if your oil is low.
  • Check transmission fluid. Your engine should be warm and running. With the parking brake on, shift into drive then back to park. Then check the levels with your dipstick in the same way you check your oil. Do not overfill engine fluids.
  • Fill windshield washer reservoir. Additionally, it is a good idea to use some cleaner on a rag or paper towel to clean wiper blades occasionally. If possible store an extra jug of fluid in your trunk in case of inclement weather.

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