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Franchise of the Year for 2019 – North Vancouver Auto Repair


860 W. 15th Street North Vancouver, BC V7P 1M6


Mon - Fri: 8:30 AM - 5:00 PM Sat: 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM

Amyn Esmail


About Us

Minit-Tune & Brake Auto Centres have been taking care of auto repair needs in North Vancouver and other areas across British Columbia and Alberta for over 46 years. With a focus on customer satisfaction and industry-leading warranties, you can trust Minit-Tune & Brake for your complete automobile repair needs.

Our brand-name parts meet or exceed Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) specifications. Choose a Minit-Tune & Brake mechanic in North Vancouver who is highly trained and can diagnose problems before your vehicle is negatively affected. Due to the fact our services cover such a wide variety of vehicle maintenance, it’s easy to get multiple things inspected in one visit, which will save you time and money. Come in and get a fluid level check, a tune-up, or an oil change in North Vancouver. We offer all of these auto maintenance services and more.

All of our franchises are 100% Canadian-owned, and each franchise owner and staff member focuses on providing fast, reliable, and efficient service at competitive pricing. We are the automotive repair facility of choice for British Columbians and Albertans. Come into your local Minit-Tune & Brake today for expert auto repair in North Vancouver. We’ll keep your vehicle running trouble-free.

Michael HartfordMichael Hartford
20:48 04 Apr 24
Courteous, professional, and quick! What a pleasure to discover Amyn and his crew. I was doing some errands in the area and stopped in to ask if someone could take a look at my brakes. Amyn looked at the car and indicated I needed new pads and rotors (which didn’t surprise me). I asked about booking an appointment for the work and he said “let me check on parts - if they are available, we can do it this afternoon.” A quick phone call was made and my car was rolled into the shop. Two hours later, the work was done. What more could I ask for? Looking forward to return for future maintenance work, knowing that both my car and I will be well treated!
Altug GuneyAltug Guney
21:06 27 Mar 24
My favorite place.They are always so kind and helpful.
Joseph GiannunzioJoseph Giannunzio
22:04 27 Feb 24
Highly recommend having Amyn at the North Van Minit-Tune for an honest and fair estimate and repair. Amyn saved me hundreds on replacing a bearing knuckle before the entire unit would be destroyed after my prior mechanic stated that I could continue driving on the knuckle until I heard a sound that indicated it was time to replace 3 parts, instead of just the knuckle that Amyd had replaced. In addition they replaced my pads and rotors with ones recommended by Napa and did not attempt to charge me for the callipers, which would have been an additional $400+! This is a short term, day of service review but I’m trusting the repairs will be as solid as the honest recommendation and estimate that I received. Will update if anything changes, but stellar, fair, honest estimate & service across the board. Thank You Amyn!
Sherry MaSherry Ma
01:14 08 Feb 24
Where to begin?They upsold then charged me for 6 quarts of synthetic oil when my car only takes 4.5. They were aware my engine was leaking, and they could have given me the rest of the bottle instead of keeping it for themselves and charging me for it.That's in addition to the fact they charged me $7 for 4 liters of windshield washer fluid, which would be the full tank if I was completely empty. They 100% just topped it off and charged for the full thing, when this is normally a complimentary service anywhere else.Next, despite upselling me expensive oil, they used the absolute worst oil filter - FRAM.Lastly, the employee who helped me was rude upon pick-up, ignoring me and answering a personal phone call before acknowledging that I was there. He seemed unsure if I could pay for the service and held my keys beneath the counter until after my payment went through. This was a 180 to my initial interaction with him, when he was personable and courteous.I suspect he was judging the fact that my car was set up for car-camping, and assumed I was homeless.This all left a terrible taste in my mouth and I'm frustrated I got swindled. Despite their business name, they DID NOT mention anything about my brakes, which were technically in the red.Please take my experience as a word of caution before you too get scammed here. I would not trust them to diagnose or perform any services on your car.
06:55 03 Feb 24
My experience with them was awful. I took my German car to them after i got a check engine light on and the car in limp mode. They diagnosed throttle issue. I dropped my car at the repair shop and it took them about 10 days to replace it. I drove out of the shop and within 2 kms away the same issue raised. I booked a new appointment and this time they said the catalytic and sensors should be replaced . I paid a lot again and replaced all. Meanwhile they charged me for oil change too while the oil had been changed two weeks earlier. I took the car and the original issue came back the same day. I dropped the car at their shop for third time and they said the problem is with the engine or the acceleration pedal. They really did not diagnosed the issue at all and made me spend more than $2500 for nothing . The last words of their chief mechanic was : “take it to the dealership I can not fix it” .They are maybe good at oil change or like but not skillful enough for repairing my car. Frustrated and out of budget to be able to spend more on the vain repair I had to get rid of my car for almost nothing. A big loss because I took my car to them .
Kyle MoodyKyle Moody
23:24 12 Dec 23
Service was excellent. They were very helpful, quick and efficient. Estimated time was ahead of time. 5 Stars for sure
Omar M. DharamsiOmar M. Dharamsi
19:19 23 Oct 23
I recently had a problem with my engine mis-firing and my fuel economy was horrid. They diagnosed the problem and had me back on the road the next day! No issues since. Thanks Minit-Tune in North Vancouver for the great service and workmanship. Highly Recommend this place.
Zoltan PaksyZoltan Paksy
23:04 23 Nov 22
I am really sorry to write this review because they were very, very kind to me. I have dropped in without appointment and they accepted me to do a quick re-balancing on two wheels of my car. Unfortunately the vibration did not disappeared after that either (the source of this definitely the wheels, not the suspension, summer wheel set was perfect) and when I got back to ask them about the possible reasons I was told that they did a good job, there is nothing else to do, they have not seen anything else on those wheels. I decided to put those wheels to the rear end when I noticed that they did not remove a big old weight off the rim during the re-balancing process. Also the door panel upholstery became oily but that can happen...