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Complete And Comprehensive Auto Repair In Richmond, BC


4280 No. 3 Road Richmond, BC V6X 2C2


Mon - Fri: 8:30 AM - 5:30 PM Sat: 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM

Jackson Ma


About Us

Auto repair has never been more convenient. When you bring your vehicle to Minit-Tune & Brake Auto Centres, you’ll gain a mechanic in our Richmond location who does everything from oil changes to complete diagnostics. We are a one-stop auto care centre. Plus, we are committed to timely, efficient care – yet another way we show our customers how much we are committed to them.

We know there are many mechanics in Richmond, and we value the opportunity to work on your car. By explaining all of the issues, process, and pricing, we work with you to make your vehicle roadworthy for years to come. Contact Minit-Tune & Brake Auto Centres to schedule an appointment today!

sheng liusheng liu
00:59 05 Apr 24
Melanie EvansMelanie Evans
17:39 15 Mar 24
Fantastic!!! I needed my car certified and every place was booked up. They saw me the next day. Was efficient and fast! Very nice manager who made me feel welcome. Price very competitive price! If you are looking for a honest and great pricing go see these guys.
mike wheelermike wheeler
06:49 12 Mar 24
Daniel Lu (Daniel Lv)Daniel Lu (Daniel Lv)
00:17 01 Mar 24
Everyone's attitude is very good. It was my first time to change the battery of my dad's car. I didn't understand many prices and things. My bosses didn't think I was too busy. They were patient, professional and skilled.
Sunny ChanSunny Chan
21:32 27 Jan 24
Eric KungEric Kung
17:38 27 Jan 24
The integrity and expertise of this auto repair shop is top-notch, and that's why they are extremely busy.
Sreenath NandananSreenath Nandanan
15:30 27 Dec 23
Friendly Staff and good service.
Jullie ZJullie Z
23:36 22 Dec 23
I went to minit tune for oil maintenance. I asked about pricing on the phone, the owner says 300 dollars, when they finished their service, the owner said i had to pay for 400 dollars, cause of the inflation. The pricing is not transparent. When i started the car, the signal of oil maintenance is still on, i waited for another 30mins, and came back the next day to get the signal fixed, but they still could not fix it. The owner said that you paid for the oil change and they are not responsible to get the signal fixed. Now that i had to pay to get my car system reset after paying minit tune 400 dollars.The other experience with minit tune was when my signal of engine problem showed up. They told me an animal went inside my car, so i paid hundreds of dollars to get them clean. After that, the signal showed up again in 1 day. I went to another store, they said there was something wrong with the sensor. After changing the sensor, the signal problem was solved. Very bad experience at minit tune. I will never go to this store again nor will recommend this store to my friends
Janice YeungJanice Yeung
21:13 19 Oct 23
Best auto centre! Been coming here with my family for 10+ years and service has always been beyond exceptional. I’ve recommended many friends and have been told the same.A mom and pop business that puts customers needs first.
Kamryn DestlerKamryn Destler
17:36 16 Oct 23
Jackson is th best, hes been taking care of me since I've got my little green eacape thats had problems, but hes always managed to get me going. Thank you Uncle Jackson
Brandon CBrandon C
09:25 29 Apr 23
Jackson's mechanics are either untrained or are just straight up incompetent.Ever since I bought my first car two years ago, Minit-Tune has been my main shop, taking it in around 15 times. After finally having some knowledge on cars a few years later, I can say there are many, many better mechanic shops than this one.Looking back now, there were 3 times where Jackson's mechanics had made significant errors on my car. The most recent was when I got a wheel alignment, which wasn't even correct! You can see my attached image, in which the camber wasn't right, making the tread on the outside wear out faster than the rest. Ruined my tires and he charged $140 for that alignment. Another error was when I came in saying I had extremely little power to the point where my car wouldn't even move sometimes. His mechanics diagnosed this as "oil in the spark plug well", when in reality I needed a whole new transmission. That was an embarrassing diagnosis. Lastly, after getting an axle replaced, one of my brake calipers became seized a few days later after they incorrectly re-installed it, which meant I needed to replace my whole front brake system. Again, as a first-time car owner I didn't know that these mistakes were made at the time, which could also happen to anyone else.Besides these errors, their "appointment" system is a joke. You could place an appointment days in advance, and when you show there will be 5 clipboards of cars that are in line ahead of you, meaning you'll have to wait hours just to get your car worked on. There's also a good chance if you are phoning or emailing them, that they won't pick up/respond. The prices are average, if not above-average. They are not amazing by any means.Yes, I will agree with other people saying Jackson is very friendly and personal, making you feel like you've known him for a long time. He also has no problem with customers bringing in their own parts. However, that means nothing when there are major problems with the shop itself.
Michael HaleyMichael Haley
05:08 06 Jan 23
Jackson and his Team are amazing! They are so friendly and enthusiastic about getting your vehicle fixed the right way. I have NEVER felt taken advantage of, and his prices are some of the most competitive I've seen. Way MORE competitive when you consider his phenomenal quality of work.Jackson is always fair with pricing, really reasonable, and I recommend this auto shop to anyone! 😀