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Auto Repair & Tune-Ups

Missed auto maintenance can cause your vehicle to waste fuel, increase hydrocarbon and NOx emissions, and wear out emission control devices, such as catalytic converters and oxygen sensors. While modern vehicles’ onboard computers have made seasonal tune-ups unnecessary, there are still some regular inspections and adjustments that should be made to ensure that your car’s electronics are properly integrating the workings of your vehicle’s fuel, ignition and emissions systems.

Drive in for auto maintenance at Vancouver’s Minit-Tune & Brake Auto Centre. Not in Vancouver? Visit any of our BC- and Alberta-area locations, in places such as BurnabyChilliwack, or Richmond, among others, and we will assess whether your vehicle is in need of service. If necessary, we will:

With the rising cost of fuel these days, it pays to keep your vehicle in tune. Our technicians are trained to diagnose any drivability issues, and complete the necessary adjustments and repairs that will return your vehicle to its peak performance and fuel efficiency levels. Contact one of our 18 locations today!

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