At Minit-Tune & Brake Auto, we’re happy to answer your questions on auto repair franchises. Vancouver and British Columbia are busy places, and you’re busy, too. Our FAQ page makes it easy to get quick answers about running your own Minit-Tune & Brake Auto Centre franchise for the auto repair Vancouver and BC depend on.

If you are planning to lease, you will need $200,000. Keep in mind these costs are approximate—capital varies with each franchise.

You’ll only need to pay a $5,000 deposit to guarantee your location, then a remaining balance of $20,000 once you’re accepted.

Your weekly service fee is based on the gross sales achieved at your centre: 5% excluding GST.

Yes, we do. We know exactly what equipment minimums to order. Don’t worry; we will discuss the list with you before any sort of delivery is arranged.

Minit-Tune & Brake head office staff will assist you in promoting your auto centre. You’ll pay an advertising fee equivalent to 5% of gross sales (excluding GST, which is spent exclusively on the advertising and promotion of all Minit-Tune & Brake Auto Centres).

Yes. We are happy to help launch every new Minit-Tune & Brake Auto Centre. The need for auto repair in Vancouver and British Columbia, in general, is constant, so you may fully expect your franchise to grow from its initial launch.

Yes, we do. Quality control is one of the most important standards of our company. We believe in being affordable while offering quick service, brand name parts, clean premises, and a friendly, hard-working atmosphere. These standards must be maintained by all franchisees. All replacement parts must meet or exceed OEM specifications.

Yes. We recommend you incorporate your company once you’ve discussed it with your lawyer.

Yes, an exclusive territory is part of the franchise agreement. Although we recognize there is a major need for auto repair in Vancouver and British Columbia in general, we understand exclusivity is essential in order to enhance your own franchise’s potential.

You certainly can. The value of your business will increase in proportion to its success, so if you bolster your particular franchise, it is likely to gain value as time goes on. Your initial franchise term is for a 10-year period with the option of three 10-year renewal periods.

Yes. If you are interested in opening more than one franchise, we encourage you to make an application for a second location in your area or another available location.

We recommend you get started once your application is approved. As soon as the franchise agreement is executed, you’re good to go!