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3 Quick Tips to Prepare Your Car for Winter

You will definitely be feeling the colder temperatures as the crisp falls air turns more frigid, but keep in mind that your car will be feeling it, too! As you switch gears and start to bundle up for the cold season, make sure you include some preparation for your vehicle. Whether it is storing your seasonal car or motorcycle, or getting the family van ready for variable road conditions, a little preparation will help keep you, your vehicle and your passengers safe this winter.

Follow the tips below or contact an expert at Minit-Tune & Brake Auto Centres for more information about getting and keeping your vehicle road ready all year long.

3 Ways You Can Prepare Your Vehicle this Winter:

  • 1.Check Your Tires and Gas Cap: Your tires are always crucial for maintaining control and contact with roads, but they become especially important when facing the sporadic rain, sleet, slush, snow, and ice that winter brings. Check the air pressure of your tires, especially on the days following a significant drop in temperature. Under-inflated tires will have a negative impact on your gas mileage. Your gas cap also needs to fit securely so that your vehicle runs efficiently. Loose caps can lead to evaporated fuel and more trips to the pump.
  • 2.Replace Air Filters: After collecting dust, dirt, insects and other debris, your air filter can impact your vehicle’s efficiency and force you to spend more money each month on fuel. Thankfully, air filters are inexpensive and straightforward to replace at home. You’ll want to be sure to purchase the right air filter for your vehicle, though, and thoroughly clean the housing when you remove the old filter.
  • 3.Get a Tune-Up: If you are looking for the simplest solution, contact your local Minit-Tune & Brake Auto Centre for a comprehensive inspection. Our experienced and fast technicians can address any concerns you have and identify tune-ups, adjustments, and replacements that need to be completed before the winter months. From windshield wipers to tires, we can get your vehicle in top condition before cooler temperatures settle in.

Schedule your appointment for seasonal maintenance or auto repairs in Vancouver and surrounding cities at one of our 18 locations. With over 40 years serving vehicle-owners in BC and Alberta, we have seen it all and would be happy to provide you with the detailed and fast service our clients have come to love. Our teams at all locations offer trustworthy advice and thorough tests, repairs, and inspections so that you can drive in any weather, all year with confidence in your vehicle.

Contact us at 250-763-6666 or schedule your appointment online today and one of our friendly staff members will get back to you soon. You can also check out a full list of our auto centre locations for auto repair in Vancouver and surrounding cities.


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