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How to Choose the Right Coolant for BC Winters

Filling engine coolant

Driving in British Columbia winters can be treacherous. From strong winds and heavy snow to freezing rain and slippery slush, your vehicle gets put through the wringer. Ensuring your car has proper antifreeze will keep your engine running smoothly in any conditions. Here’s what you need to know about choosing the right coolant. What’s Antifreeze? Antifreeze, or…

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5 Signs Your Vehicle’s Oil Pan is Leaking

Mechanic inspecting vehicles oil pan

Engine oil is the lifeblood of your vehicle. Without it, your car simply can’t run. Therefore, it’s crucial to keep your oil levels topped up at all times. Even a small leak can have disastrous consequences if not caught early on. Here are five signs your oil pan has a leak. The low oil warning…

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Everything You Need to Know About Out-Of-Province Car Inspections

minit tune out of province inspection

Did you recently purchase a vehicle outside of BC? Bringing it back home may be more challenging than you think. First, your vehicle may be subject to an out-of-province inspection required by the Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure. To ensure complete compliance, here’s a quick guide to answer your questions and help you determine if…

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