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How to Spend Time in Surrey While Waiting for Car Repair?

auto repair surrey

When you schedule auto repair in Surrey, why sit around and wait for your vehicle to be repaired? Surrey is just 46 kilometres from the centre of Vancouver, and Minit-Tune & Brake Auto Centres has two convenient locations in Surrey. While you are here letting our technicians take care of your vehicle, we encourage you…

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Why is a Regular Oil Change So Important for Your Vehicle?

spring road trips BC

Maintaining your vehicle is your best line of defense against breakdowns and costly repairs. One of the most important maintenance tasks you could do, for a relatively low price, is that of an oil change. Your vehicle is comprised of numerous moving parts, and those parts need lubrication. The oil in your car is what…

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Embrace Spring with a BC Road Trip

kelowna festivals

Spring is here, which means blooming flowers, lush mountains, and a green coast. During spring holiday, why not take the entire family on a road trip in British Columbia? Whether you are a fishing enthusiast or you just want to explore the coastline, there are plenty of road trips that you could take over the…

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