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Your Vehicle’s Lifeline: Fluids that Matter

oil check

It may seem like a peculiar comparison, but you and your vehicle have a few things in common. Just like your body need fluids to survive, your vehicle too cannot do without them. Fluids are its lifeline! Furthermore, you require routine check-ups, preventive care and timely treatments to live a long and healthy life. Your…

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Tune Up Your Vehicle for Spring Driving in B.C.

auto tune up

After months of cold, harsh Canadian winters, you are ready to stow away your warm jackets and boots and bring out your favourite spring and summer clothes. Just like your wardrobe gets a makeover from one season to another, your vehicle too needs an overhaul to be spring and summer ready. Long days of frigid…

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What to See and Do in Richmond, British Columbia

auto repair in richmond

After March Break, you and your family may have just settled back into your daily routine. However, spring has only just begun and the weather is still warming up. In the weeks ahead, you will be planning your next family outing. If you are considering a short weekend getaway, check out the culturally rich city…

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Simple Ways to Keep Your Car in Working Condition

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Your car has many parts. The malfunction of just one can lead to issues. Regular maintenance service by your auto repair technician can help ensure all systems are working efficiently as well as enhance vehicle life. Then it’s up to you to care for the interior and exterior. Here are valuable car maintenance tips to…

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When is the Best Time to Change Your Car’s Air Filter?

change auto air filters

How many years does a car air filter last? Rather than considering the age of the filter, it’s best to look at its condition. Your car’s air filters are designed to ensure the air entering the cabin and engine is clear of pollutants. Over time, these filters accumulate dirt, debris and contaminants, hindering engine performance…

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