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What Can Cause A Vehicle to Fail an Out-Of-Province Inspection?

Reviewing a car inspection checklist with owner

When you purchase a vehicle outside of British Columbia and bring it into the province, or move to British Columbia from another province, it may have to undergo an out-of-province inspection. It’s important to understand in advance that these inspections are pretty strict, and have to be in compliance with Commercial Vehicle Inspection Standards. In…

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5 Dashboard Warning Lights Every Driver Should Recognize

Car interior with dashboard warning lights

Do you know what the different lights on your dashboard mean? It’s a good idea to be familiar with the most important ones so you know what to do if they come on. Here are five key dashboard warning lights and their meanings.   Check engine warning light This yellow or orange engine-shaped icon indicates…

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Drive-In Movies Are Back: Are You and Your Car Ready?

Cars lined up outdoors at a drive-in movie theatre

As a result of social distancing, a classic pastime has made a comeback. Drive-in theatres have started popping up across the country as people look for fun ways to gather safely. Here’s a look at what you should know about attending a drive-in movie.   Why are drive-ins suddenly so popular? In the spring of…

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