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Winter Tire Rules for B.C. Drivers

ICBC winter tires

Winter road conditions in B.C. can vary wildly over short distances. You can begin your trip on a dry road under a sunny sky but soon end up battling treacherous snow and icy highways on a high mountain pass. That’s why there are strict snow tire rules in B.C., and it’s your responsibility to equip…

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Winter Car Maintenance Tips: Get Your Car Ready for Winter

Closeup of car tire driving on snow

B.C. winters can be hard on your vehicle. That’s why winter car care is essential for keeping your ride running smoothly and efficiently. Booking a winter car maintenance service at a reputable and trusted auto centre has many benefits. Here are some winter car maintenance tips to help get your vehicle ready for winter. What…

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How Long Should Brake Pads Last?

new brake pads

Brake maintenance, including brake pad replacement, is necessary from time to time. It’s how you can trust your brakes will work when you need them the most. How long do brake pads last? Here’s an answer to that question, plus some factors that affect a brake pad’s lifespan. Brake Pads Lifespan Generally, you can drive…

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5 Signs You Need to Schedule a Brake Fluid Flush

brake fluid flush

Brake fluid is vital to your car’s braking system. The hydraulic fluid transfers pressure from your brake pedal to the discs and drums, so the harder you press the pedal, the faster you stop. It also lubricates the parts and protects them from corrosion. Replacing your brake fluid before it gets too old is vital…

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