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Why tire pressure is critical for your vehicle

Person applying pressure to his car wheel

When it comes to safety, your tires are one of the most important components of your vehicle. However, even high-quality tires can be unsafe if they’re improperly inflated. Although often ignored, tire pressure plays a vital role in car safety. Here are two reasons why vehicle tire pressure is so important. Overinflated and underinflated tires…

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5 tips for starting your car on a cold winter morning

Person starting a car

Most Canadians have experienced the challenge of starting a car on a cold morning in winter. Whether your vehicle takes longer than usual to turn over or doesn’t start at all, cold Canadian winters can put a lot of stress on your car. Although many people believe it’s a good idea to let your vehicle…

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4 overlooked car problems caused by winter driving


Winter officially lasts from December 21 to March 21. However, in most parts of Canada, winter conditions come as early as October and stay as late as April. That’s more than six months of extra wear and tear on your vehicle. Therefore, it’s essential to know how winter driving can impact your car to ensure…

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