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Do You Really Need to Rotate Your Car’s Tires?

tire rotation BC

Your schedule is full of daily items to take care of. From taking the kids to their soccer matches to attending weekly meetings and keeping up with the demands of work, you have more than enough on your plate. When there is so much to do and such little time, you might assume foregoing automobile…

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What Does this Engine Light on My Dashboard Mean?

engine light

Most drivers do not think much of their dashboard lights. Until they turn on. Then, you find yourself fumbling through the glove compartment looking for your owner’s manual to decode the message your light is trying to tell you. Engine lights mean many things, and some manufacturers complicate it further by having blinks and colours…

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Burning Cleaner Fuel: Is It Time for a Change?

burn clean fuel

Your vehicle is part of your livelihood, but it can also be detrimental to the environment. When you forgo routine maintenance or auto repairs that your vehicle needs, you might be burning damaging fuel that pollutes the atmosphere. Burning cleaner fuel from your car is quite easy to do; even if you drive a diesel…

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Enjoy Maple Ridge While Waiting for Your Car Repair

auto repair maple ridge

Maple Ridge is one of those exciting small cities nestled in bustling British Columbia. Even if you live here, there are numerous sights you might not have explored so far. The next time you are waiting for your auto repair, venture into Maple Ridge and see what there is to enjoy. Must-Do and See Attractions…

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