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Beat the BC Heat with a Well-Maintained A/C

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We spend more time in our cars than most of us realize. Whether it’s your commute to and from work, or you plan on enjoying summer travel, the hours spent in your vehicle are more bearable with a working air conditioner. Last August, Vancouver citizens experienced their hottest month in 50 years. This year promises…

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6 Signs that You Need Your Brakes Checked

brake repair

Your vehicle was built to safely and quickly transport you to your destination. Common sense dictates that if you can’t stop then you shouldn’t drive.  In fact, the brake system ranks right up there with steering and engine function. You wouldn’t willingly get into a vehicle knowing that there was even a chance of brake…

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Your Guide to the Ultimate BC Road Trip

The weather is changing, the sun is shining, and it’s almost time for the long-anticipated vacation season. That time when we get to hit the pause button on the stress in our lives and enjoy something that defies our normal routine. While some vacationers live for the destination, others choose to embrace the journey—paving the…

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Tips to Green Your Car—Starting with Regular Service

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As the sun makes an appearance and temperatures start to creep up, more drivers take to the road—free of snow and ice and ready to enjoy much needed vacations. With this increase in traffic comes an increase in carbon emissions and a need to green our cars. The process of making your vehicle more environmentally…

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Windshield Wipers—More Important than You Think!

0001 windshield wiper replacement

Have you ever been driving along, going through the motions, when suddenly you get hit with that torrential downpour? Out of nowhere, your visibility is gone, and the highway can turn into a treacherous place. Fortunately, your windshield wipers can save the day and beat back the rain to help you safely navigate the road.…

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Are Vehicle Safety Features Making You a Complacent Driver?

vehicle safety

Isn’t it both exciting and intriguing that technological advancements are making our vehicles increasingly intelligent?  Electric cars are already here; and the days of driverless vehicles are not too far behind. In the meanwhile, most auto brands will continue to launch newer models with creative solutions to keep you safe on the road. While the…

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3 Easy Ways to Schedule Vehicle Tune-Up and Auto Repair in BC

vehicle tune up

Your vehicle is your biggest support system in many ways. Whether it is your daily commute, errands, special appointments or a road trip, you rely on your automobile to get you to your destination safely, on time.  But your vehicle’s life and performance are dependent on regular maintenance. This is where Minit-Tune & Brake Auto…

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