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Green Technologies for Today’s Car Owner

economical cars

If you are all about being eco-friendly, then the latest green technologies will undoubtedly get you going. With the growing awareness of sustainability and environmental protection, more manufacturers are presenting new vehicles with green technology. Not only are these better for Earth, but they are also better on your wallet. From the better mileage to…

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All-Wheel Drive versus Four-Wheel Drive

winter drive all wheel or 4 wheel

When you are purchasing a car, you might notice that newer SUVs and sedans offer all-wheel drive or 4-wheel drive. Some SUVs even provide all-time all-wheel drive with 4-wheel drive – further adding to the confusion. You might assume that 4-wheel drive and all-wheel drive are the same because it means four wheels are working…

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Consumer Choice Awards Pick for 12 Years in a Row

Minit-Tune & Brake Auto Centres is proud to announce that we have received the Consumer Choice Award for the 12th year in a row. It is our dedication to customers and our customers’ appreciation that has brought us here. The Consumer Choice Award has been around for over 20 years, and since then it serves…

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Winter Events in Vancouver You Cannot Miss

Vancouver winter events

While it might still be winter, that does not mean you do not have plenty of activities to fill your day. In fact, Vancouver offers exciting events year-round, with some great events popping up in February and March. What Events Can You Expect for February and March? Whether you are here visiting, live in Vancouver,…

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10 Important Decisions to Make When Buying a New Car

pre purchase inspections

Buying a new car is exciting, but it is easy to let the excitement take over and forget what really matters. Cars are a big purchase, and one that you will be responsible for through several years. Not only will you have a loan payment, but you must fuel and maintain that vehicle; therefore, you…

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What are Fuel Additives and When Should You Use Them?

fuel additivies

You have seen the advertisements, and you wonder if fuel additives are worth the hype. Some claim to improve fuel economy, while others promise that they will make your engine last longer. Yes, there are benefits to using fuel additives, but before you can pick which one suits your vehicle, you need to consider the…

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Tire Pressure: Does the Air in Your Tire Really Matter?

tire pressure BC

Forgetting about your vehicle’s tires is easy. After all, they are not in front of you every day, and even while driving, it is normal to take them for granted. Yet, those tires on your vehicle are critical to keeping you and others (your passengers, as well as other drivers) safe on the road. One…

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What is a Timing Belt and When Should It be Replaced?

timing belt repair

Your vehicle relies on numerous components to run, and one that you might have forgotten about was the timing belt. Timing belts are critical components in vehicle engines, and without them, engine performance would fail. Therefore, when you bring your vehicle in for auto repair and you are told you need a new one, it…

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When Should You Change Your Wiper Blades?

wiper blade repair

Your wiper blades most likely have not been changed recently, let alone in the past year. However, they should regularly be replaced as part of maintaining your vehicle’s safety. When wiper blades are too old, they cannot contact the glass properly, which leads to annoying squeaking sounds, smears, streaks, and minimal visibility; which is the…

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