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Understanding British Columbia’s Snow Tire Requirements

Snow tires 

Winter in British Columbia transforms the picturesque landscapes into a snow-covered wonderland, but it also brings challenges for drivers. B.C., known for its diverse climates and varying terrains, implements snow tire requirements to ensure road safety during the colder months. Here’s what you need to know about provincial winter tire rules. The basics of B.C.…

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Importance Of Using Proper Windshield Washer Fluid Instead Of Water To Prevent Freezing

Windshield washer fluid in winter

Drivers must take extra precautions in winter to ensure their vehicles remain safe and functional in challenging weather conditions. Often overlooked is using proper windshield washer fluid instead of water. Here’s why choosing the correct fluid can make a significant difference in maintaining clear visibility and preventing potential hazards on the road. What’s windshield washer…

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