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4 Ways Running On Empty Can Harm Your Vehicle

In addition to stopping you from getting where you need to go, driving on empty can damage your vehicle. Here are four specific ways not having enough fuel in your tank can cause problems. It can clog your fuel filter Your fuel tank can collect debris and sediment over time. Usually, this isn’t a big…

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Debunking 4 Car Maintenance Myths

Are you throwing away hard-earned dollars on car maintenance you don’t need? There are many myths about car maintenance that people still believe. Knowing the truth can help you make better decisions about how to properly care for your vehicle. Here are four common car maintenance myths. 1. You must change the oil every 5,000…

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When to Use Premium Gasoline

When you pull up to the gas pump, do you choose premium or regular gasoline? Premium gasoline sounds like it should be a better choice for your vehicle, but this isn’t the case. Learning the difference between premium and regular gasoline can help you decide which type of petrol you should use. Understanding Premium Gasoline…

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