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Adjusting Your Vehicle’s Headlights

Driving at night with poor visibility is dangerous and it can be worsened by improperly aimed or wrongly adjusted headlights. If your vehicle’s headlights are not positioned properly on the road ahead, you can miss upcoming hazards. Once they are properly positioned, you will see a dramatic improvement in your night driving. How Often Should…

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Have You Given Much Thought to Your Car’s Headrests?

The name can be deceiving: headrests. It is a place to rest your head, right? The padding on the back of your seat that supports your head and neck is not for resting – it is actually a restraint device. When properly positioned, your vehicle’s headrest can reduce your risk for soft tissue injuries in…

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Celebrating 40 Years of Service

As we kick off the New Year, Minit-Tune & Brake Auto Centres celebrates another big milestone: serving BC residents and their vehicles for 40 years! We have had our fair share of challenges, with changing markets and new technology to adapt to. However, with a team of smart entrepreneurs, qualified mechanics and wonderful communities across…

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