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Why You Need a Tune Up after Summer Driving

summer driving tune up

Between family road trips and chauffeuring your kids to friends’ houses and sporting events, your car goes through a lot in the summer months. That’s why it’s recommended that you bring it in for a tune up as the season winds down. Doing so will ensure your car is in peak condition going into the…

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How to Check Your Tires for Wear

wear on tires

Worn tires can make driving in inclement weather dangerous, as braking on wet or snow-covered roads will be much less effective. Additionally, they’re susceptible to blowouts as they can be more easily punctured. In order to continue driving safely, it’s important that you know when and how to check your tires for wear.   When…

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How Temperature Affects Oil Performance

oil performance

Most drivers know that oil changes are an important part of routine vehicular maintenance. However, a lot more goes into maintaining good oil performance than just replenishing it every few months. Temperature’s also a big factor and here’s how it affects your car’s oil.   Temperature & Viscosity When oil experiences extreme spikes or drops…

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Brake Wear & Tear Explained

brake wear and tear

While brakes may seem relatively simple, there are several different pieces that go into ensuring they work well and keep you safe on the road. Staying on top of maintenance is critical, so it helps to understand the mechanisms behind different types of brake systems, what causes them to wear out and which parts may need replacement…

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What Your Transmission Needs to Stay Healthy


Transmission servicing, just like an oil change, helps keep your car in top shape. Depending on your car’s transmission type, there are different types of service which can be performed by your mechanic. While most drivers know it needs to be done, not everyone understands why, so here are a few examples from the team…

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