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How Do You Know It is Time for New Tires?

tire replacement

Tires often come with warranties, but the warranty is not an accurate indicator of how long that tire will last your car. After all, depending on how many miles you drive each year and how you drive, a tire might last longer or much less. Also, the design and climate where you frequently drive dictate…

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Spring Tune Up for Your Vehicle in British Columbia

minit tune spring tune up in British Columbia

Canadian winters can be rather harsh on your vehicle with snow, ice and cold weather contributing to premature wear and tear. Committing to scheduled maintenance in the form of a spring tune up and timely auto repair in Vancouver and surrounding cities helps optimize vehicle performance, safety and lifespan. Read our spring tune up checklist…

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Kelowna Events This Spring

Kelowna is a go-to destination for locals and tourists that want to escape the hustle and bustle of downtown and venture into Canada’s very own wine country. While wine events are frequent, there are also plenty of other family-friendly activities offered throughout the year to enjoy. Before you drive out to Kelowna, book an appointment…

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