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Archive for March 2016

Exploring BC? Here Are a Few Places to Consider First

Are you planning on touring the beautiful landscapes of British Columbia? There are so many exciting places to visit and if you plan to do a road trip, you can plan the perfect route and squeeze in numerous attractions, historical landmarks, and more. Some Popular Neighbourhoods to Explore in BC The Vancouver and Victoria neighbourhoods…

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3 Reasons to Book a Vehicle Tune-Up Before Easter

The long Easter weekend is an exciting time. Chocolates, egg hunts, parades and family gatherings mean a lot of joy and good times are ahead. It also means a lot of driving is done as people return home or meet at loved ones’ homes to celebrate. Before you get on the road for your Easter…

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3 Signs Your Automobile May Have Exhaust Issues

There are certain tasks we all forget to do, even though we know they are important. Washing behind your ears, unplugging the iron, flossing every day, checking our vehicle’s exhaust system—all of these come to mind. Don’t let that last one slip by you this year. Minit-Tune & Brake Auto Centres can help you ensure…

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March Break: Get a Tune-Up Before Your Spring Break Road Trip

After a tough winter season, your car is probably in need of a little TLC. Harsh weather conditions, salt, and limited traction can do quite a number on your vehicle. For that reason, spring is the perfect time to schedule your regular vehicle maintenance appointment. 4 Reasons to Schedule Your Auto Repair Appointment Before Spring…

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