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Do You Really Need Four Snow Tires?

Winter road and a car

As winter sets in and temperatures plummet below 7 C, many motorists prepare for driving on snow and ice by swapping their summer tires for winter tires. Do you really need to replace all four tires? Here’s a look at why experts agree that replacing all your tires is the safest route to take. What…

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3 Reasons To Schedule A Brake Inspection Before Winter

Car Mechanic Examining Brake Disc With Caliper

A brake inspection and potential brake repair before winter is a proactive step that every motorist should take. It ensures that your vehicle’s brakes are in top-notch condition and ready to face the challenges posed by winter weather. Here are three compelling reasons why you should schedule a brake inspection before the snow arrives. 1.…

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The Importance of Following Your Vehicle Maintenance Schedule

note 7823297828551531502 MinitTune MaintenanceSchedule Blog

Neglecting regular car maintenance can lead to a host of issues, ranging from decreased performance to costly repairs. Here’s more information on why you should follow your vehicle maintenance schedule, followed by a list of the types of scheduled maintenance your car requires. Benefits of Sticking to Your Car Manufacturer’s Schedule Sticking to the maintenance…

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Can I Mix Tires from Different Brands on My Vehicle?

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Tires are one of the most significant safety features of your car. However, many vehicle owners overlook the need for all four tires to match — not just in brand but also in size, tread pattern and ratings. Here’s why matching tires from the same brand matters. Consistent handling and performance. Tires aren’t just round…

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