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Dealing with Cold Mornings and Starting Your Vehicle

Most drivers are under the impression that a vehicle must be warmed up and sit idle for several minutes before it can be driven on cold mornings. After all, this has been a common practice for years. If you warm up your vehicle in the morning, it may be because you assume you will get…

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7 Signs You Need Brake Repair or Inspection

You are your vehicle’s best diagnostic tool. You drive it every day, and you grow accustomed to what your vehicle does and what it should not do. When you notice your vehicle is not operating as it should, you should see a professional for auto repair in Surrey right away. One of the biggest changes…

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Your Brake Lines are More Important than You Think

As you press on your brake pedal, hydraulic pressure is created within the braking system. This produces a braking force that sends the pressure to the individual wheel brake components via the brake fluid. All of this takes place inside the brake lines, making them a critical component of your vehicle. When your brake lines…

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