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Cabin Air filter 101: a complete guide on understating air filters

Photo of a hand holding a dirty cabin air filter

Just like the furnace filter in your home, the cabin air  filter in your car requires attention. It’s an essential piece of your car’s heating and air conditioning system and helps remove allergens and other contaminants from the air you breathe. A clean and well-maintained cabin air filter will make your vehicle a healthier place…

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Battery maintenance: 6 tips for summer

Hand holding a car battery to take it out of the car for maintenance

The summer heat is tough on your car battery. Car batteries contain water, and extreme heat causes this water to evaporate, accelerating corrosion and damage. In fact, if you live in a hot climate, your battery’s lifespan can be as much as 25 per cent shorter than in milder regions. Here are six tips for…

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