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3 Signs Your Automobile May Have Exhaust Issues

There are certain tasks we all forget to do, even though we know they are important. Washing behind your ears, unplugging the iron, flossing every day, checking our vehicle’s exhaust system—all of these come to mind. Don’t let that last one slip by you this year. Minit-Tune & Brake Auto Centres can help you ensure your muffler is working its best to keep you safe on the roads.

A quick auto maintenance appointment can ensure you avoid any major problems with your exhaust system. Vehicles that are exposed to harsh winters, frequent short trips in city traffic and salted roads are particularly vulnerable to exhaust system issues. If you experience any of the following problems, you should definitely schedule an exhaust system repair appointment with a vehicle repair technician in Vancouver.

  1. Missing Catalytic Converter – The catalytic converter is one of the most expensive parts of the exhaust system and is often targeted by scrap metal thieves for that reason. SUVs and trucks are particolarly susceptible to be targeted. If you have been the victim of thieves, you will notice that your vehicle performs poorly and makes a loud sound upon being started. If your catalytic converter is still there but broken, it may sound like a shaking box of rocks when your vehicle is idling or in traffic.
  2. Leaking Exhaust – If you experience a vibration or sudden loss of power in your vehicle, it may be an exhaust system problem. There may be a rumbling sound, or you may notice fluid staining your parking spot or driveway.
  3. Change in Fuel Efficiency – If you find yourself having to fill up your gas tank more often than usual, but have not changed your typical driving route, you may be experiencing an exhaust system issue. These problems can cause your engine to work harder, causing inefficient fuel usage.

If your vehicle is showing any of the above symptoms, come into Minit-Tune & Brake Auto Centres to have your exhaust system examined by a trained mechanic. Our team of professionals have years of experience dealing with exhaust system problems and can help get your vehicle working its best again.

We offer comprehensive service checks and auto maintenance to communities across Vancouver. Whether you have identified a specific issue or want to schedule a routine maintenance checkup, our technicians are here to help. Schedule your repair or service in BC—book an appointment today and visit one of our 16 convenient locations.


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