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3 Simple ways to improve car safety

A photo with a person sitting on a car getting the seat belt on
In recent decades, car manufacturers have made dramatic improvements in car safety. From seatbelts and airbags to blind-spot detection systems and backup cameras, vehicles are far safer than they used to be. However, regardless of how good these systems are, you must never forget your own responsibilities on the road. Here are three car safety tips to ensure you get to your next destination safe and sound.

1. Check your brake lights and headlights

Although regular visits to a mechanic will take care of many mechanical issues, you still need to pay attention to your vehicle. For example, if one (or more) of your headlights or brake lights burns out shortly after a routine checkup, you could be unknowingly putting yourself and others at risk. Therefore, make it a habit to periodically walk around your vehicle to ensure the headlights and brake lights are in good working order.

2. Put away your cell phone

Keeping your cell phone with you while driving is a great safety feature if you or another driver needs a tow or requires emergency services. However, you should never use your phone while driving! Although it’s legal to use hands-free technology, studies have shown that the mental distraction of talking on the phone poses a significant danger. If you need to talk or text with someone while behind the wheel, either have a passenger do it for you or wait until you can safely pull over.

3. Invest in good tires

Along with advances in safety technology, car manufacturers have drastically improved tire technology. High-quality tires can improve handling and decrease braking distance. Therefore, investing in a good set of tires is one of the best ways to ensure your safety while driving.

Moreover, winter tires are far better than they used to be. Although Quebec and BC are the only provinces that have made them mandatory, investing in winter tires can make an enormous positive difference to your ability to drive safely through the cold season in most parts of Canada.

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