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4 Signs Your Engine Is Leaking Oil

Oil lubricates your vehicle’s engine, preventing corrosion and reducing the amount of wear and tear sustained by the moving parts. An oil leak can cause serious problems, which means it’s important that you’re able to recognize if there’s an issue with this fluid. Indeed, the ability to identify the signs of a leak will ensure that you can get your car to a mechanic as soon as possible if there’s a problem. Here are the four things you should look out for.

close up of a puddle of oil leaking from a car on the pavement

1. Low oil levels
One of the most reliable ways to tell if you have an engine leak is to regularly examine the oil dipstick. If you see that the oil level is gradually decreasing, there’s a good chance you’ve got a leak.

2. Puddles on the pavement
Many people first realize their car has an oil leak when they spot a puddle on the pavement below their car. This is often an indicator that you should contact your mechanic, but it isn’t always a sign of an oil leak. If the fluid is a reddish colour, it’s probably transmission fluid, while green or orange fluid suggests that it’s coolant. If the fluid is brown, then it’s most likely oil.

3. Engine knocking
One reason why oil is an essential part of your vehicle is that it lubricates critical engine internal components, thereby preventing premature engine failure. As more oil is lost, the internal components of the engine will experience increased friction, , which will eventually lead to the engine seizing up.

4. Blue smoke and bad smells
Oil leaking from your car is likely to come into contact with the hot parts of the engine. This will cause it to burn and consequently result in the very distinct, unpleasant smell of burning oil. An internal leak into the vehicle’s combustion chamber can also cause blue smoke to come out of your car’s tail pipe.

Don’t Ignore The Signs

If you notice the signs of an oil leak, it’s important that you get your car inspected as soon as possible. Leaking oil can cause certain parts of your car, like the seals and rubber hoses, to wear out much faster than they otherwise would. More importantly, driving with an oil leak is a fire hazard and incredibly dangerous for yourself, your passengers and other motorists.

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