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5 Automotive Maintenance Tasks You Shouldn’t Ignore

Regular maintenance is a key component of keeping your vehicle in good condition. However, there’s a good chance you may overlook one or more essential details. Here are five commonly forgotten car maintenance tasks that you shouldn’t ignore.

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  1. Checking the fluid levels. You probably schedule regular oil changes and top up your washer fluid as needed, but when was the last time you checked the transmission fluid, coolant, or brake and power steering fluids? These all need to be replaced with normal automotive use, and it’s important to check their levels periodically to ensure your car continues to work well.


  1. Replacing the filters. The air, fuel and oil filters on your car are there to capture impurities and other contaminants under the hood before they get into the engine. If they don’t get replaced regularly, the filters can become blocked and may then impede your car’s ability to function properly.


Additionally, your car probably has a cabin filter, which helps keep the air you breathe clean and fresh. Check all filters regularly and replace them when they’re dirty.


  1. Inspecting your brakes. Don’t wait for your brakes to start screeching before you check on them. This important car component should be visually inspected with every oil change and the pads and rotors changed as needed.


  1. Maintaining the suspension. If your car is bouncing more than normal or the steering wheel vibrates continuously, there’s likely a probably a problem with the suspension. This system should be checked during every routine maintenance checkup. In addition, shocks should be changed according to the manufacturer’s recommended schedule.


  1. Taking care of the tires. If your car doesn’t come with a tire pressure monitoring system (TPMS), it’s important to manually check the tire pressure at least once a month (especially in the winter when the pressure can fluctuate) to ensure proper pressure. Keep an eye on the tread on your tires. If they’re wearing unevenly, have them balanced and rotated.


Expert Auto Repair in British Columbia

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