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5 Most Common Power Steering Problems Explained

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Most people don’t think about the power steering in their car until it starts to break down. If your steering wheel is hard to turn, makes loud noises or feels jerky, it’s likely caused by one of the following power steering problems.

1. Low power steering fluid
Your power steering system uses a special fluid to help transmit power to your steering system. Low levels of this liquid can cause difficulty steering and your steering pump to emit a whining noise. To check if your fluid level is low, consult your owner’s manual to locate the power steering container and top up the liquid if necessary.

2. Power steering fluid leak
If you find yourself having to fill your power steering fluid often, there may be a leak. The most common sign that there’s a seepage is finding a wet spot under the front of your car after it’s been parked for a while. If you suspect you have a leak, bring your car to your auto repair shop so a mechanic can locate and repair the problem.

3. Belt that’s loose, worn or slipped
You’ll know you have this issue if you hear a loud screeching sound when you turn your wheels. In some cases, the belt can be tightened or repositioned by a mechanic, but you may need to have it replaced entirely in order to ensure your steering system continues to work properly.

4. Cracked or peeling hose
This issue can lead to fluid leaks. Over time, the rubber hose that conveys the power steering fluid through the steering system can become damaged. The best way to prevent this from happening is to routinely inspect your hoses in order to spot the early signs of wear before there’s a major problem.

5. Slipped hose coupling
From time to time, the coupling that connects the hose to the rest of the steering system can begin to slip. This problem should be easy to see, but must be repaired by a professional in order to keep your steering system working properly.

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