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5 Signs You Need to Schedule a Brake Fluid Flush

brake fluid flush

Brake fluid is vital to your car’s braking system. The hydraulic fluid transfers pressure from your brake pedal to the discs and drums, so the harder you press the pedal, the faster you stop. It also lubricates the parts and protects them from corrosion. Replacing your brake fluid before it gets too old is vital to your vehicle’s safety. Here are five signs that it’s time to schedule a brake fluid flush.

1. Your brake fluid is black.

Brake fluid is hygroscopic. Over time, it absorbs moisture and becomes corrosive. Fresh, clean brake fluid is light amber. As it degrades, it becomes darker in colour. If left unchanged, it’ll corrode various brake components. You can check the colour of your brake fluid in the reservoir under the engine hood.

2. The brakes feel soft and spongy.

When you apply the brakes, you should feel an immediate response relative to the pressure you place on the pedal. If it feels soft or spongy when you step on the brake pedal, that’s a sign that the brake fluid is low or has gotten old. If you need to press the brake pedal to the floor before stopping, get a brake check as soon as possible.

3. The brake dashboard light is on.

If the brake light on your dashboard is illuminated, it tells you the brake fluid level is low, and it’s time for a check. It may also mean the parking brake is engaged, so check that first.

4. You notice unusual noises and smells.

If you hear a squealing or grinding sound when you engage the brakes, it could be because of low brake fluid or other issues, such as worn brake pads or rotors. A burning smell after hard braking means your fluid is burning out, which could lead to a dangerous brake failure.

5. The owner’s manual says so.

Read the owner’s manual and schedule a brake fluid change according to the manufacturer’s recommendations. Typically, vehicles should get a brake fluid flush every two years or 20,000 kilometres.

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