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5 Telltale Signs Your Car Suspension Needs To Be Repaired

Close up of suspension system

Your car’s suspension is the system that connects the vehicle chassis to the wheels. Made up of a number of interconnected parts, including shock absorbers, struts, stabilizer bar links, axles and springs, it allows your car to absorb bumps on the road and to accelerate and brake smoothly. It also helps to keep your tires firmly on the road when turning. In short, the suspension is essential to ensuring that your car handles well and is able to offer a comfortable driving experience.

Here are five signs that your suspension system has an issue that will require immediate repair.

1. Your car doesn’t drive smoothly
If you can feel every little bump in the road or if your car bounces up and down excessively after hitting a bump, it’s likely that your suspension system needs a tune-up.

You can also test the suspension by performing a “bounce test.” This involves putting your weight on the front of your parked car then releasing and seeing whether the car bounces up and down excessively.

2. One corner of the car sits low
If one corner of your car sits lower than the others when it’s on level ground, then you probably have a damaged spring. This could cause the sagging corner of the car to make contact with the ground when you hit bumps, as the defective spring is unable to support the weight of the vehicle.

3. Your car rolls, squats or dips
A car is said to “roll” when it leans to one side when turning a corner. It “squats” when it tilts back when accelerating. However, it “dips” or “nose dives” when it tilts forward when braking. These related issues are all connected with poor suspension.

4. Your car pulls during turns
The suspension is essential to keeping your car stable when it turns. If your car pulls or drifts when you take corners, this is a sure sign that there’s a problem with the shock absorbers or another component of the suspension system.

5. You hear unusual noises
If you hear a clanking or squealing noise or other unusual sound when your car hits a bump, there may be something wrong with the suspension. In any event, it’s worth bringing your car to a qualified mechanic to get it checked out.

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