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A Quick Guide to Warning Lights on the Dashboard

If you look at your vehicle’s dash panel carefully, you will see numerous symbols. Naturally, you might not put much thought into those small indicators until one illuminates. A light on the dash is no reason to panic, but it is your vehicle’s way of telling you that it is time to act.

Not only should you bring in your vehicle for auto repair in Chilliwack and its surrounding cities, but you should know what these warning lights mean so that you can act appropriately.

A Quick Guide to Warning Lights on the Dashboard

The Most Common Warning Light Indicators and What You Should Do if You See One

Warning lights are there to tell you something is wrong with your vehicle, but they are not the final diagnosis. Most of these lights direct you to where you should look, but you still should bring in your vehicle to our auto repair shop. A technician can use a specialized code reader to find out precisely what is wrong and repair your car.

Warnings lights come in three colours: red, orange, and yellow. You should always refer to your owner’s manual for colour indications. Typically, red is urgent and requires immediate attention. Orange is a warning that you need to see someone as soon as possible, while yellow demands attention but is not critical.

Some ordinary warning lights include:

  1. Washer Fluid – When your washer fluid is at a specific level, a light is triggered on the dash. This means that you have one or no more uses left until you refill the washer fluid. Luckily, this is a quick fix you can do at home, with a container of washer solution and a funnel.
  2. Temperature Warning Light – This is typically red and is warning you that your engine is overheating possibly.
  3. Brake Alert System – Brake alerts are notifying you that you are low on brake fluid, and they are red. Low brake linings and leaks may also trigger a signal.
  4. Hazard Warning Lights – This is red to let you know you have your hazard lights flashing. If you meant to turn on your hazard lights, then it is nothing to worry about. However, if you accidentally initiate them, you will know they are on from the dash panel.
  5. Engine Light – The engine warning light is yellow, but it is letting you know a fault was detected in the system. You should bring in the vehicle for immediate attention regardless of colour, because an engine light indicates a problem with the car that must be checked.
  6. Tire Pressure MonitoringModern vehicles are equipped with a tire pressure monitoring system. Typically, some light illuminates when the pressure drops 10 PSI or more. Some systems are overly sensitive; therefore, you should check tire pressure manually to see if you do in fact have a tire leak.
  7. Traction Control – Some vehicles are equipped with traction control systems. These kick in when slick road conditions are detected and help distribute power between the tires more efficiently.
  8. Low Fuel – Low fuel indicators let you know that you have so many miles before your vehicle runs out of fuel. The number of miles and gallons left depends on the make and model; therefore, refer to your owner’s manual to see what the low fuel indicates for your car specifically.

Got a Dashboard Light On? Call Minit-Tune & Brake Auto Centres in Chilliwack Today

If your vehicle has an indicator light on, bring it in to Minit-Tune & Brake Auto Centres in Chilliwack. Our technicians will identify the cause of your warning light and get your vehicle repaired so you can get back on the road.

Schedule an appointment or find one of our auto repair shops near you for diagnostics. To learn more about our services, contact a centre in your area.


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