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Are Vehicle Safety Features Making You a Complacent Driver?

Isn’t it both exciting and intriguing that technological advancements are making our vehicles increasingly intelligent?  Electric cars are already here; and the days of driverless vehicles are not too far behind. In the meanwhile, most auto brands will continue to launch newer models with creative solutions to keep you safe on the road.

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While the sensor-based functionalities are making your drive more convenient, are you losing sight of your basic driving responsibilities? The professional auto repair technicians and mechanics at Minit-Tune & Brake Auto Centres offer some interesting insights in this context.

Tips to Utilize Your Vehicle’s Safety Features Effectively

Rear-view back-up cameras and automatic braking are set to become mandatory norms for all new vehicles, not just in Vancouver but across Canada. If you look at the mid-range or top-end models, you will find additional safety features such as driver assist, blind-spot warning systems, collision and lane departure warnings. But what the advertising campaigns and sales representatives may not tell you explicitly is that there is a limit to the accuracy and performance of these features.

The owner’s manuals inform drivers to not rely entirely on these systems, though most of us do not really read the manual in great detail. Furthermore, there are reliable research studies that indicate that drivers tend to be slightly complacent and careless while driving automobiles with intelligent features. They tend to assume that even if they take a few risks or are less attentive, the safety warnings will kick in to prevent all hazards. Here are a few tips for utilizing these facilities responsibly:

  • Blind Spot Warning: You will usually hear audio warnings or experience steering wheel vibrations when this system detects vehicles that are in your blind spot. However, to actually prevent hazardous situations, pay attention to these alerts. Keep the music volume low to avoid distraction and make sure you hear the audio warnings. Most importantly, don’t take calls or text while driving.
  • Lane Departure Warning: If your vehicle is fitted with lane keeping technology, optimize its usage for a controlled and safe drive. But try not to over-rely on this feature. It is not a substitute for that quick glance over your shoulder while changing lanes.
  • Dynamic Radar Cruise Control: Apart from maintaining consistent speeds on the highway for better fuel economy, this feature also applies the brakes if a vehicle ahead of you slows down or stops. But as with any sensor-based system, you can never be a 100% sure. Stay vigilant and don’t fall asleep at the wheel. If you are experiencing exhaustion, stop at the nearest plaza for a rest and a beverage to keep you alert before heading back on the road.
  • Rear View Back Up Camera: While back up cameras are being constantly improved, they still have blind spots and do not effectively capture obstacles coming in from the sides. Do a circle check of the vehicle before backing up, instead of simply watching the dashboard screen for the camera view.

Schedule Regular Auto Maintenance and Repairs in Vancouver

While technological advancements will continue to offer evolving intelligent features, nothing can replace the basic safe practices that you learned in driving school. Keep your driving in check, and don’t let the safety features replace your vigilance.

To ensure that all the security aspects work without a glitch, keep your vehicle in top shape. Schedule regular oil changes and maintenance tune-ups at Minit-Tune & Brake Auto Centres. Find your trusted auto repair shop in 18 convenient locations across BC and Alberta.

Contact us to know more about vehicle safety technology and auto repairs in Vancouver and surrounding cities. Our skilled and knowledgeable auto repair technicians are eager to help.


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