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Benefits and Importance of Wheel Alignment

Tires that are aligned properly offer benefits to your car and save you money through better performance and enhanced safety. Most car owners, however, overlook the importance of wheel alignment and do not consider it a part of their routine auto maintenance.

Minit-Tune & Brake Auto Centres offers wheel alignment and other essential auto repair and maintenance services in Vancouver to keep your vehicle at its prime.

Does Your Vehicle Need Wheel Alignment?

You can often tell that your vehicle is out of alignment. Some common signs it is time to perform one include:

  • Uneven tire tread wear
  • Your car pulls or drifts to one side
  • Your vehicle will feel like it is wandering even on a level road

Anything can cause your vehicle to go out of alignment, including hitting an object or just driving through a pothole at a very high speed.

Why Wheel Alignment Is Important to Auto Maintenance

Alignment makes your vehicle safer and provides you with numerous benefits, including:

  • A longer lifespan on your tires. Regular wheel alignment means each tire wears evenly and reduces the chances for a sudden flat tire.
  • Keeping your warranty coverage. Some tire manufacturers require routine alignments to keep the warranty; so, not doing that could void it.
  • Minimizing wear throughout. The components of your vehicle will not wear down as fast, so you get better performance and spend less on maintenance costs. You will not have to pay for sudden auto repairs in Surrey simply because your vehicle’s system is worn down.
  • Alignment can improve your fuel economy and give you more kilometers to the litre.
  • Better performance and handling after wheel alignment, especially if you find that your vehicle is pulling to one side.
  • A safer vehicle. Tires and their alignment play a significant role in the overall safety of your vehicle; therefore, not aligning them regularly could reduce the safety of your car.

Minit-Tune & Brake Auto Centres can help you improve gas mileage and performance with a wheel alignment service. Do not wait until you need auto repair in North Vancouver; make alignment a part of your routine maintenance to ensure maximum safety and handling. Schedule your wheel alignment service today at a location close to you.


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