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Car Battery Fails: Are You Ignoring Your Car’s Warning Signs?

A car battery will never die at an “opportune” time. Whether you are late for work or on your way to an appointment, a battery failure can be extremely frustrating. What most car owners do not realize, however, is that their car usually gives them tell-tale signs in advance. By looking out for those warning indicators, you may be able to catch a failing battery before it becomes a problem.

Signs that It is Time to Replace Your Car’s Battery

The following symptoms indicate your battery is in need of attention:

Slow Engine Crank – If you start your car, the sound of the engine cranking may be sluggish or take longer than usual.

Battery Warning Light – Sometimes a battery warning light will illuminate when your battery power is weak, depending on your car’s make and model.

Low Battery Fluid Levels – A car battery has a translucent casing that lets you check in on the battery’s fluid level. If you notice the level is low, you may need to take it in to your local auto repair shop in Vancouver.

Swelling or Bloating Battery Cases – If the casing looks like it is swelling, that means excessive heat has forced your battery to swell and significantly decreased your battery’s life.

Leaking – Corrosion around the cable connection posts and gunk may be signs of a leak, which indicates your battery is getting old.

Age – Lastly, your car battery is only built typically to last an average of five years. If yours is older than five years, you should take it in to an auto repair shop in Salmon Arm and have it tested.

Why Some Batteries Last Longer than Others

Sometimes a car battery will operate perfectly for longer than five years, while other times, drivers may need to replace them more often. There are a few reasons one battery may outlast the other, including:

  • Quality. A higher quality brand will often perform better and last longer than a budget-friendly battery.
  • Short driving trips, especially if they are less than 20 minutes, prevent your battery from recharging properly and thus, shorten its life expectancy.
  • Extreme temperatures, such as scorching and then freezing, can shorten a battery’s life too.

Minit-Tune & Brake Auto Centres offers battery testing services. We can help you avoid those inconvenient battery failures. Bring your vehicle in for auto repair in Langley and ask one of our technicians to check your battery. Schedule your appointment at one of our convenient locations today.


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