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Top Overlooked Car Problems Caused by Winter Driving

You drove your vehicle all winter long, and from what you can tell, it seems to be running just fine. However, what you may not be seeing are minor wear and tear problems that are slowly (and sneakily) turning into costly repairs. Your vehicle has suffered the effects of winter road conditions. So, while you are spring cleaning your house, take some time to give your vehicle a spring or summer maintenance checkup appointment and save yourself the hassle of a costly breakdown.

What Am I Missing? Will I Need Auto Repair Soon?

There is a lot going on with your car that you may not be fully aware of. Just a few things that you could have overlooked include:

  • A damaged suspension. Think of how many potholes you went over this winter – they just might have done some costly damage to your suspension.
  • Engine belts and hoses have cold weather damage. Most likely your belts and hoses are worn from the winter temperatures, which could lead to the engine overheating or even losing power.
  • Oxygen sensor issues. Summer gas prices are on the rise and a malfunctioning oxygen sensor could actually decrease your vehicle’s gas mileage, making it costlier to get out and enjoy the warmer temperatures.
  • Wheel alignments. When your wheels are off-centre, it can impact your wear and tear on the treads, and also make your vehicle dangerous to drive. When you have winter tires taken off or your tires rotated for spring, it’s a good idea to have the alignment checked too.
  • Air conditioning could use a spruce up. You don’t want your AC to break on the day you need it the most. Because it hasn’t been used all winter long, why not give it a quick checkup and possibly recharge the coolant?
  • Your brakes might need replacement. Before it becomes a costly brake pad and rotor issue, have your entire brake system reviewed during your spring auto servicing appointment.

Take Your Car in for Auto Repair and Save the Hassle of a Breakdown

The mechanics at Minit-Tune & Brake Auto Centres can help you get your vehicle ready for spring and catch all of those maintenance issues you might have overlooked. From oil changes to tire rotations and more, we are here to keep your car in the best shape and ready for the new season. Feel free to visit one of our 18 locations. Book your appointment for auto repair in Vancouver and surrounding areas today. Have a question about seasonal maintenance? Contact us online.


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