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When Is It Time to Change from Winter Tires to All-Season Tires?

Your winter tires take on a lot during the harsh winter driving conditions. Once the warmer weather is here, however, you want to make sure those tires are replaced with all-season tires in a timely manner. This will help keep the treads on your winter tires in good shape for next year.

When is the right time for a tire change in Vancouver? Experts say that once the temperature climbs to around the 7°C mark and higher, you should switch to all-season tires. The best time to visit Minit-Tune & Brake Auto Centres for a tire change would be right now!

What Winter Tires Do

Winter tires, whether studded or studless, are specifically designed to help you keep traction in cold, snowy, icy and even slushy roads. The rubber stays pliable and soft, which allows it to conform to the road and get a good grip. Combined with deeper treads, winter tires are ideal for cold weather conditions.

Why You Need a Tire Change in Vancouver Now

Winter tires are designed for cold temperatures and the precipitation that winter brings. Continuing to use them after the weather warms up will cost you more than changing them out, because:

  • Winter tires will wear faster on warm and dry roads. They are not built to drive on those; therefore, you will significantly shorten their lifespan and have to replace them years before they should normally wear out.
  • Winter tires will by nature result in lower fuel mileage on your vehicle.

Worried About the Cost of a Tire Change?

If you are worried about changing your tires in Surrey and Vancouver each year, there are ways to mitigate the cost. Investing in wheels with the same diameter and pattern allows you to have two sets of tires – all-season and winter. Then, all you have to pay for is the change out by a skilled technician.

Regardless, using winter tires year-round is more expensive than re-mounting all-season tires after winter is over. Because they wear out faster, you will have to pay to replace these specialized tires.

Minit-Tune & Brake Auto Centres offers efficient and fast tire change services. Whether you need to re-mount all-season tires in Surrey or you just need a quick tire change in Vancouver, we can help. Schedule your tire appointment at a care centre near you today.


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