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Check Out the ABCs of Camping in Alberta & BC for an Exciting Summer Getaway

Even before the last of the snow is over, it is common to find Canadians planning their precious summer getaways with family and friends.  Nature lovers long for the camp sites to open up and schools to be out for the summer. If you are a seasoned camping enthusiast, you will have no difficulty in loading your vehicle with all the necessities before you hit the road. But if you are a novice to camping, read up our list about the basics of camping in Alberta and BC before you head out, for a safe and enjoyable trip.

Check Out the ABCs of Camping in Alberta & BC for an Exciting Summer Getaway

Camping Sites: Both BC and Alberta boast a huge range of camping and recreational sites that cater to all kinds of interests and age-groups. Look at campsites that offer activities beyond the traditional cottages and outdoor fire pits for fun beyond the usual.

  • Lakefront: For fishing, kayaking, canoeing, or swimming, select sites that are close to the lakefront.
  • Nature Trails: If you are keen on hiking and biking, hunt out locations near the trails.
  • Child-Friendly Sites: If you are travelling with children, look for private campgrounds that offer a range of child-friendly amenities.

You can find a wide selection of independent campgrounds in BC or choose to explore the provincial park camp sites by amenities and activities.  In Alberta, search the provincial park sites or look for private campgrounds. Get answers to all your other queries about campsites, tent rentals, campground rules, pet policies and several other topics here.

Camping Essentials: When you pack for your camping trip, consider the right kind of clothing, especially if you are going to be in a heavily forested area. Apart from clothes and toiletries, remember to carry your first-aid kit and emergency contact details, as well as other essentials like jackets, chargers, mosquito nets, folding chairs, games, groceries, and such. If you are going to pitch a tent, carry all the tent gear essentials such as stakes and poles, sleeping bags and air pumps, flashlights, ice box, portable stove, Swiss knife, candles and match-boxes. Refer to this detailed list of camping trip essentials so you never miss an item you need.

Pre-Camping Vehicle Checklist: To enjoy a smooth and hassle-free campsite trip, make sure that your car, truck, or van is tuned up from a reliable auto repair shop  at Minit-Tune & Brake Auto Centres. With 18 convenient locations across BC and Alberta, you are never too far.

If the route to your site includes winding roads and rolling hills, you will want to ensure that your vehicle’s brakes are not worn out or misaligned. Our experienced auto-mechanics conduct a visual inspection of the brakes during a regular oil and filter change. Remember to inform the mechanic of any unusual issues such as delayed braking, steering wheel vibrations, or high-pitched squeals while braking.

At the campsite you may quite possibly use your vehicle’s charging outlets, car radio or leave the car door open longer than usual. If the vehicle’s batteries are not functioning at optimum capacity, these habits can make the batteries drain out in no time. You may not even be able to get back on the road without recharging them. Make sure to get a battery and charging system check before you hit the road to avoid such mishaps.

Lastly, you want to ensure that the tires (including the spare) are checked and tire pressure is intact before you drive in the scorching heat or along wet, winding roads. Speak to our friendly and knowledgeable technicians for queries on replacing tires or repairing a flat.

Ready to Service your Vehicle? Bring it In for Auto Repairs in BC and Alberta

Keep your vehicle in top shape by scheduling timely maintenance and repairs at Minit-Tune & Brake Auto Centres. We have been serving customers in BC and Alberta for over 40 years with one-stop-shop services for comprehensive car care needs.

To book an appointment, find an auto repair shop near you today. For questions on auto repairs in Vancouver and surrounding cities, or to learn more about car maintenance, contact one of our centres in your area.


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