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Combat Snow, Ice, and Gas Mileage with the Right Winter Tires

Have you ever noticed in the winter that your gas bill increases dramatically? That reduced efficiency of your vehicle is due to several factors working against you in the cold; from freezing rain, to snow, ice, and your tires.

Combat Snow, Ice, and Gas Mileage with the Right Winter Tires

Luckily, you can limit how much reduced gas efficiency you experience by picking the right winter tires and knowing what affects your vehicle’s efficiency in the first place.

Factors Contributing to Lower Gas Mileage in the Winter

Before you can pick the right tires, you need to understand why you have fewer kilometres per litre in the winter.

Just a few items that contribute to that lower efficiency include:

  1. Mounted Snow Plows – If you have a snow plow mounted to the front of your vehicle, you have increased the weight of your vehicle. Therefore, you will get less mileage than you would without the snow plow attached.
  2. Snow Types – The type of snow on the ground can also affect your gas mileage. For example, slick and wet snow creates slippery conditions. When roads are slick, you slow down, which reduces fuel economy. Also, thick snow forces you to engage your four-wheel drive, which consumes more fuel.
  3. Cold Air and Density – Colder air is denser than warmer air, which increases friction against your vehicle and decreases the aerodynamic efficiency. Also, your vehicle must compensate for the colder temperatures, you have your heater and defroster running, and you might even be using your vehicle’s seat warmers; all consuming more battery and gas power than usual.
  4. Tire PressureTire pressure decreases in cold temperatures, which increases your rolling resistance and makes your vehicle consume more fuel. Combat this by making sure your tires are properly inflated.
  5. TiresIf you are not using winter tires, then you will consume more gas in the winter than you would the rest of the year. That is because slick conditions require your vehicle to use more energy to stay on the road.

Winter Tires Improve Fuel Efficiency

Snowy or icy roads decrease your tire grip. Winter tires are designed to handle these types of road conditions. The rubber is softer and more pliable; therefore, it does not harden like standard tires. When the rubber remains soft, it grips the road better. In turn, you consume less energy staying on the road.

Book an Appointment for Tire Repairs in Vancouver Today

Maximize your fuel efficiency and stay safe this winter by having your winter tires installed by the team at Minit-Tune & Brake Auto Centres. Our team can help you select the right winter tire for your vehicle, install  them, and we are here to replace them once the season is over.

To get started, find one of our auto repair shops near you today and schedule your appointment for new winter tires. For questions about winter tires, or to review our comprehensive list of services, contact a centre in your area.


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