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Different Tires for Different Trips

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Using all-season tires on your car 365 days a year isn’t a good idea. Instead, you should factor in the type of terrain and weather conditions you’ll be subjecting your vehicle to. Here’s how to choose tires that will lead to smoother, safer driving.


Snow and Ice

When it comes to driving in cold, icy and snowy weather, using winter tires is of the utmost importance. Summer tires don’t adhere to the road enough to be safe at low temperatures. Winter tires come equipped with extra grooves in their treads to push snow, slush and snow away from their surface. Plus, they don’t stiffen in the cold like summer tires do, making them more adhesive and allowing for better control.


Mud and Rocks

If you’re going to be driving through muddy, rocky terrain, you should consider mud-terrain tires. Their thick sidewalls protect them from rocks and debris that would otherwise be quite damaging. They also have heavy tread blocks to help you maintain control on rough terrain. However, they don’t permit for very smooth rides on paved roads.


On-road vs Off-road

Off-road tires have a much deeper tread depth than on-road tires, which stops them from clogging. This means that there will always be enough of the tire’s surface area touching the ground to maintain sufficient friction to stay in control. Since off-road tires create so much friction, however, they wear out very quickly on paved roads where they no longer must compensate for the rough, obstacle-ridden terrain.



What it comes down to when driving in the rain is ensuring that you’re using the appropriate tires for the season. In winter months, winter tires will keep you safe and in control on wet roads, whereas, in warm summer months, it’s summer tires you want. This is because, while both kinds of tires are designed to handle wet conditions, they each perform best in different temperatures.


Hot Dry Weather

Summer tires have minimal grooving, ensuring the maximum amount of rubber is touching the ground at all times. More surface area means more friction and more friction means more control. They’re softer and more flexible than winter tires, so while they do wear out more quickly, in hot dry weather they’re very responsive and offer an incredibly smooth ride.


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