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Different Types of Driving Distractions

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Driving is an activity that many of us take for granted. Flying phobias are much more common than driving phobias or fears, yet the likelihood of you being injured in a car accident than a flight is significantly higher? What people often ignore is just how dangerous driving can actually be. We are travelling in something that usually weighs over a thousand pounds at incredibly high speeds. All it takes is one small mistake to end up in a potentially deadly situation.

Almost everyone will experience some sort of accident that requires at the least, some minor auto repair. It’s when these accidents become more severe that reminds us to be cautious behind the wheel. Unintentional accidents are the leading cause of death for young adults in Canada. This problem has only become worse with the introduction of cell phones and other media devices.

Different Types of Driving Distractions
Different types of driving distractions are categorized based on whether they are inside or outside the vehicle. There are also cognitive distractions that come in the form of electronic devices. When we talk about cognitive distractions, we are referring to anything that requires a somewhat active level of attention. If you are texting and driving, then you definitely can’t pay attention to the road. Other distractions can include things like animals in the road, insects in the vehicle, and anything else that can draw your attention away from driving.

The biggest difference between electronic devices and other driving distractions is the fact that using an electronic device is completely intentional. It is a preventable distraction that we introduce into the environment ourselves. This is the reason why there are legal consequences, including:

  • The Motor Vehicle Act 3.1 states that anyone caught using electronic devices while driving will incur a fine of $368 in addition to 4 penalty points. A first-time infraction also carries an additional fine of $175 ICBC Driver Penalty Point Premium, making it a total of $543.
  • Receiving two or more distracted driving charges in a 3-year period will result in a separate insurance increase in addition to the points and cost of the fines.
  • This can also result in over $2000 in penalties and an eventual suspension of one’s license.
  • You may be ordered to participate in driving education programs at your own expense as well as pay for all the subsequent fines and legal penalties involved. Eventually, you could end up doing jail time if you continue to risk the lives of yourself and others by choosing to drive distracted.

Safety is the most important priority on BC roadways, and this also means making sure that your car is in good shape. Visiting the certified technicians at Minit-Tune & Brake Auto Centres is a great way to take advantage of auto repair in Vancouver and surrounding cities.  If you or a loved one has already experienced a car accident and require auto repair services in Vancouver, contact us today. With over 18 conveniently located auto centers, Minit-Tune is here for you. And please, don’t drive distracted. Your life may depend on it!

Call us today or fill out our online contact form for more information on auto repair, service and maintenance. We can also offer more suggestions on ways to minimize driving distractions.


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