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Does Your Brake System Need Repair?

Your car’s brakes are by far the most important safety feature it has. After all, it is the only thing you have stopping you from the world ahead of your car. Therefore, your brakes should never be ignored. Not only should you take in your car for regular maintenance, and have the brakes inspected, but the second they need replacement, you should take care of making the change without delay.

Does Your Brake System Need Repair?

Sadly, most of us are unaware when there is an issue with our brakes. By knowing the small indicators your brake system gives off, you may detect the issue early enough to ask for repairs before it becomes a costly problem.

Signs that Your Brakes Need Attention

Think it is time for auto repair in Vancouver and its surrounding cities for your vehicle’s brakes? Here are some signals your car may be showing you to indicate the need for repairs:

  • Making Unusual Noises: Your car should not make odd sounds, so if you hear a squeal or metal grinding sound, that may be your brake system telling you that it is time for a repair. Typically, these noises mean your brake pads need replacement, but grinding could indicate that you have worn down the rotors.
  • ABS Warning Lights: Newer cars have the Anti-Lock Braking System, which performs self-checks. When the light turns on within your dash panel, it is telling you to have your brake system serviced.
  • Pulling to One Side: Your car might pull to one side as you apply the brakes, which means your brakes are misaligned. It might also indicate a brake fluid leak or that your brakes are worn on one side and need replacement. Regardless of what the signs are, you will want to take your vehicle in for auto repairs in Vancouver and its surrounding cities immediately.
  • Brake Pedal Issues: The brake pedal should have some stiffness, but not be impossible to push down. When the pedal is too hard to push, you may have air inside the brake line, which indicates a leak or low fluid.
  • Vibrations: When you apply the brakes, you should not feel vibrations in the pedal, seat, steering wheel, or having the entire car shaking. If you have vibrations, your rotors may be worn down, and now is the time for a replacement.

While you might be able to identify an issue from this list, you can catch most brake issues before they happen just by bringing your vehicle in for its routine maintenance. When you service your vehicle regularly, technicians will catch worn down brake pads, rotors, and brake fluid leaks during a multi-point inspection.

Brakes Giving You Trouble? Bring in Your Vehicle for Auto Repairs

Brakes are critical for your vehicle and passengers’ safety. When your brakes are not operating as they should, or you notice any of the above symptoms, bring in your vehicle for auto repairs in Vancouver and its surrounding cities to have your brakes looked at.

The team at Minit-Tune & Brake Auto Centres is here to keep your vehicle safe. We offer brake inspections, replacements, and more.

To schedule a service appointment with our technicians, find an auto repair shop near you. Feel free to contact a centre in your area with questions about your vehicle’s brakes.


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