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Has Your “Check Engine” Light Come On In Your Vehicle?

Have you recently noticed that your car is driving differently? If so, it’s time to have a certified mechanic check your vehicle’s system to avoid further damage, costly repairs or worse, vehicle failure when you are far from home. When your “check engine” light comes on and stays on, it means there is a problem, but it may be a minor issue such as a loose gas cap or low oil level. However, if you have noticed the “check engine” light is constantly flashing, you may have a much bigger problem on your hands, one that can cause your car to break down completely.

Here’s why you should never ignore the engine warning light in your vehicle:

  • Neglecting to have your vehicle inspected for potential problems can increase the emissions that your car is releasing into the air and affect your gas mileage as well.
  • Your vehicle’s sub-systems are affected by each other. A system that is not in working order can cause another system to fail.
  • Certain “check engine” codes can affect your vehicle’s transmission performance and how it shifts into gear.
  • Some codes like EVAP, EGR and temperature codes can impact your cooling fans, which could lead to your engine overheating.
  • It’s also important to keep in mind that your vehicle may not pass the mandated emissions test if your “check engine” light is on.

Consult a qualified auto mechanic to learn more about auto repair in Vancouver and surrounding cities to ensure your car is performing well before you incur the cost for vehicle emissions testing.

Trust the Experts for Quick and Reliable Auto Repair in Vancouver and Surrounding Cities

One of the most important steps you can take to maintain your vehicle’s performance is to have a professional, certified mechanic inspect it when your “check engine” light comes on. Not only will you be in the know about any problems, but you can also prevent potential damage from surfacing in the near future. Minit-Tune & Brake Auto Centres, an industry-leading auto centre with over 40 years of experience, is committed to keeping Canadians and their families safe and secure in their vehicles. We have 18 convenient locations across BC and Alberta to serve you.

We utilize the most advanced diagnostic technology to read and decipher the trouble codes that your vehicle’s computer system records when the “check engine” light turns on. These codes allow us to pinpoint exactly what the problem is, so we can take care of it quickly and efficiently. You can always expect full disclosure about any auto repairs or maintenance services that your vehicle may require before we perform the work.

If your “check engine” light has turned on, locate your nearest Minit-Tune & Brake Auto Centres auto repair shop in Vancouver and surrounding areas or book an appointment online and we will get back to you shortly.


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