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How Clean is Your Gas Tank?

When you refuel, do you consider the cleanliness of your gas tank? If you are like most car owners, you do not think twice about it. However, if you have ever replaced a fuel pump, then you are more than aware of how much a dirty gas tank can cost you.

In fact, the leading cause of fuel pump replacements is a gas tank. Think of it this way: your vehicle drives 20 kilometers to the litre. If you were to drive 100,000 km, you would have over 5,000 litres of gas pass through your tank over that distance.

When your fuel is contaminated, it leaves behind sediment, debris, and rust flakes. If you let these compound, then you could find yourself on the wrong end of a fuel pump replacement.

Fuel pump

Tips for Making Your Fuel Pump Last

Removing contaminants and keeping your fuel pump healthy is the only way to avoid a costly replacement. Some ways you can maintain your pump’s integrity include:

  • Install a New Filter: How often do you change your fuel filter? While it sounds simple, this is one of the most forgotten steps in vehicle maintenance. Your old filter might restrict fuel flow and force your pump to work harder than necessary. Change the filter at least every 40,000 km.
  • Check Grounds and Connections: Grounds and connections that are faulty can cause your fuel pump to die prematurely too. Look for any voltage drops or circuits with high resistance and correct them. Leaving bad grounds and connections in your vehicle will damage your new pump and cost hundreds more to repair.
  • Use the Right Fuel: Everyone is on a budget; especially when it comes to gas. Using cheap gas, however, most likely means you are introducing more impurities into your fuel tank than necessary. Go with mainstream brands of gasoline. Furthermore, ensure you are using the proper grade of fuel. Your owner’s manual will give you the recommended grade to use.
  • Keep Your Tank Above Half: Car manufacturers use fuel pumps to keep your tank cool. To keep the pump productive, you should keep your gas tank above half always. The lower your fuel levels, the hotter the system gets.
  • Use Up the Fuel: You should go through a full tank of gas every two weeks. If you do not, use an anti-ethanol agent to avoid fuel jells. Once your fuel separates, it can lead to pump and injector failure.

Bring Your Vehicle in for Auto Repairs or Inspection

If you have noticed a decline in fuel efficiency or you have not changed your fuel filter in some time, bring your vehicle into Minit-Tune & Brake Auto Centres. Our team can help diagnose fuel efficiency issues, and keep your system maintained so that you do not experience the costs of a fuel pump failure sooner than necessary.

For a fuel pump issues, find an auto repair shop near you today. You can also contact a centre in your area with your questions about auto repair, or to learn more about fuel pump maintenance.


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